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Now, we are opened!


We are doing our best to maintain CDC precautions to protect our customers and our staff. 

Please bring your own towels and gown.

We will provide an individual shower package (slipper, body wash, razor, shampoo & conditioner, toothbrush & toothpaste).

Your temperature will be checked upon arrival and a mask must be worn when outside of the spa (i.e. common areas).

In addition, following CDC guidelines for your safety and our staff; we are not able to provide access to the inside steam room and jimjilbang, as well as the hot and cold tubs. Only access to individual showers and scrub/massage services will be provided by APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

Please call 703-914-9696, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. 

Please kindly comply with our new rules or you will not be allowed to enter.


* Reminder! For now, we do not provide Sauna(Steam or dry) nor hot tub.

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