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The Best Way to Enjoy Your Spa Experience


  Entrance   : Please proceed to the service counter where you will pay an entrance fee and be given a key to a locker in the locker room.  The locker will allow you to safely store your personal items while relaxing at our facility. Prior to entering the locker room, please remove your shoes and place in the shoe locker near the service counter.  Men should follow the male locker room signs and women should follow the female locker room signs.  (No Shoes in the spa)     


  Locker Room   : Please take all of your clothes off and place in secure locker.  In the locker room, you will find a fresh towel and bath robe area, please take one of each.  Also, remember not to forget your key to the assigned locker.  We offer complimentary shaving cream and razors for men as well as toothpaste and toothbrushes for men and women.  


  Shower Area   : We recommend taking a shower prior to entering the sauna area to maintain the superior state of cleanliness of our facility.  Put any of your personal items, robe, and towel in any basket located near the shower facility.  Then, enjoy a long, hot, shower using our complimentary soap, shampoo, and conditioner.  


  Sauna   : After showering, enter the sauna area.  We offer our clientele access to hot and cold pools, dry steam rooms, salt rooms, red clay rooms, and seated herbal steam therapy rooms.  Remember, safety is first and foremost, so please follow all precautions while using our facility including consulting with your medical provider regarding any preexisting medical conditions which could be aggravated through spa and sauna usage.  If any symptoms, such as dizziness, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, change in skin tone, or chest pain arise, immediately stop sauna usage.  



The Best Way to Enjoy Your Message Experience


  Body Scrub

  : Professional scrub masseuse provides entire body scrub and short massage.  The full body scrub will remove dead skin through the use of a special hand towel and scrub soap.

   : Professional masseuse focuses on your meridian pathway, helping blood circulation as well as promoting a healthy endocrine system.  Through specific focus on body areas, the masseuse can stimulate the secretion of an individual's hormones and bring back lost sensation.

   : Professional masseuse using a clean dry towel, special massage oil as well as massage salt and Aloe will release your tension through well orchestrated rubbing techniques.  Guaranteed to re-charge your body, giving you back lost energy required in everyday life.


  Delicate Body Scrub and Deep Tissue Massage
   : Professional scrub masseuse provides full body scrub and deep tissue massage.  The delicate full body scrub is designed for those seeking gentler skin treatment.  The scrub includes facial cleansing, cucumber pack, and special attention to the hands, feet, and head.  The deep tissue massage is specially designed to focus on pressure points, stimulating muscle groups, and removing accrued calcium and lactic acid in the muscle tissues.  Works best for those individuals experiencing tightened muscles due to daily stress or those suffering from repetitive task syndrome.  Vitalize yourself and gain somatic energy.

  Body Scrub and Masque
   : Professional scrub masseuse provides full body scrub and 100% natural mud masque on the entire body.  The full body scrub will remove dead skin through the use of a special hand towel and scrub soap.  The masque will relax your tired body, releasing built up stress and tension.  It includes face to feet , leaving you with a lasting refreshed feeling.

  Body Masque
   : Luxurious skin care through the application of 100% natural green sea clay or rose clay on the entire body.  Our professionals softly and carefully apply natural clays to your skin by skin type, rejuvenating your tired skin, tightening pores and stimulating new skin growth.  

  Seated Herbal Steam Therapy
   : Steam created through the use of 100% natural herbs immersed in boiling purified water is applied to lower body region through the use of a specialized chair with cutout seat.  The steam safely rises up, allowing the medicinal steam to reach sensitive areas around the genital region.  Long known by Koreans to naturally cleanse the sensitive areas of the body, this treatment is recommended for those seeking to increase the vitality and strength of the genital region.



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